Employment Opportunities

We hire a limited number of farmers every year. We have two types of employees: management level and worker level. Management candidates should have five years of farming experience with some management experience, and expertise in one or more aspects of our farm (dairy, rotational grazing, draft horses, vegetables, etc.). Worker candidates should have one or more seasons of farming experience, a love of hard physical work, and an excellent attitude. If you’re interested in a position at Essex Farm, please submit an online application. 

Application Process:

This application process is required for those applying for employment on Essex Farm.

Submit the required online application questionnaire below and email a current resume to essexfarm@gmail.com. We will contact qualifying applicants via email to schedule an introductory week at Essex Farm. The week consists of a welcome orientation, 5 days of hands-on farming, and an exit check-out discussion with a potential offer of employment.

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