If you change the way you eat, you change the way you think.
If you change the way you think, you change the way you act.
Change the way you act, and you’ve changed the world.


We strive to produce an abundance of high quality products for our CSA members while fostering the health and resiliency of the farm, the farmers, the members, and the community. Our desire is to build an agro-ecosystem that is sustainable economically, environmentally, and socially. We work to make a farm that is better tomorrow than it is today. 

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people, healthy planet.


When I met Mark 15 years ago, he was farming in central Pennsylvania, and I was living in Manhattan. I loved my city life. But frankly, he seduced me with the food. I married him, and we built this unique farm together, on the good soil and clean water of an Adirondack valley. The share is based on Mark’s dream to produce everything that he wanted to eat, in the most responsible way possible.

Mark graduated from Swarthmore College with a self-directed degree in Agricultural Science. He has been farming for over 20 years, and has traveled across the country and around the world in search of a truly sustainable, diversified farm. I graduated from Harvard University and worked as a writer and editor based in New York City before meeting Mark.  My memoir, The Dirty Life, chronicles Essex Farm's startup year. 


We produce grass-fed beef, pastured pork, chicken, eggs, fifty different kinds of vegetables, milk, grains and flour, fruit, herbs, maple syrup and soap. Our animals are fed certified organic food and we do not use any conventional pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Our farm is horse and solar powered.

We have three different kinds of membership. For Albany and New York City members, we harvest and pack up orders on Tuesdays and deliver directly to your door on Wednesdays. Local members come to the farm on Fridays from 3pm - 7pm and take what they need for the week; in any quantity or combination they choose. Additionally, we have a Farm Store on site that is open daily, and we host various events throughout the year, from family meals to farm tours.

For us, a diet made up entirely of whole food, in season, and in abundance, is normal, not the exception. There are no highly processed foods in our share. No ingredients that you can’t pronounce. No fillers, preservatives, nor artificial colors. We do our best to keep packaging at a minimum, and the plastic we do use is BPA free. Your eye will need to adjust to the lack of splashy colors and persuasive marketing text. What we provide is just good food, custom-grown and harvested for you, delivered straight from the dirt. It is simple, and it is revolutionary.


Farming is a community effort and we look forward to enabling our CSA program to support other farms that live up to our standards of sustainability. We envision the Champlain Valley as the birthplace of a new generation of sustainable agriculture. We foresee a future where farms power themselves, their communities and the world.  In 10 years of operating the farm, we have trained and mentored over 50 beginning farmers who have started more than 12 new farms to date. In 2012, Essex Farm Institute began as a formalization of the success of Essex Farm in training new farmers. Read more about the institute here….

Essex Farm: because better soil makes better food and a better planet.